Artist: The Tea Rockers Quintet
Album: Ceremony
Year: 2012


The Tea Rockers Quintet - Ceremony

Hailing from China, field recording/noise artist/poet Yan Jun, folk artist Xiao He, Guqin master Wu Na, multi-instrumentalist Li Daiguo and tea master Lao Gu are The Tea Rockers Quintet.

Their debut album, Ceremony, presents their version of a Chinese tea ceremony.

The album was produced by Lior Suliman and Tal Weiss.

They had the audience completely under their spell...

(Beijing Daze)

The music veers from austere to downright pretty… a case of Chinese musicians confronting their own traditions head-on.
(The Wire)

Chinese tea culture has a je ne sais quoi of its own but The Tea Rockers Quintet takes it to another level… It’s music that you probably wouldn’t have imagined yourself.
(Nokia Connects)

The album ceremony is akin to an idea of a time bridge, bringing cultural traditions of the ancient and the modern into dramatic dialogue. It is also a recordist’s album with the mixing arts an important aspect of the album… listening to Ceremony describes a sense of delicacy and wonder that suggests deep cultural knowledge and delivers a rendition for contemporary ears.
(Cyclic Defrost)

Finally, through the Israeli EnT-T, we are given this remarkable "Ceremony"... a successful mix of avant-garde and electronic ... This is an album that we recommend with our eyes closed if you are open-minded and want to learn about new music's strange mixtures…

Gorgeous guqin playing by Wu Na… you are cordially invited.
(BBC Radio 3)

Impressive debut… Ceremony is a multilayered album that is full of new small sonic surprises that emerge with every listening… The Tea Rockers Quintet is one of the most promising improv/avant/experimental ensembles today.

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