Artist: Various
Album: Evidence One
Year: 2011

Hila Baggio - Gush Forth, My Tears
Tal Weiss - Return Of The Native
Anna Domino - Blood Makes Noise
Dub Mentor Feat. Noa Vax - Being Boiled
Karni Postel Feat. Dub Mentor - Winter Dub
Julia Rovinsky - Six Wings Of Bliss
Cristal - Dupla Pena
Yuco - February
Uri Brener and Issar Tennenbaum - 11 O'clock
Linden - Halo I
edo. - Spiderman
Yan Jun Feat. Dub Mentor - Hello, Mad Dog Is Out
Of Home
Arc Of Doves - Pavane
Rachel Mercer - Dialogue IV

Allergy To Consciousness - Evidence One

Allergy To Consciousness is a series of 14 diverse singles released worldwide: full studio tracks or remixed/"reworked" demos, songs or instrumental tracks, classical or electronic pieces. Details about the singles and the artists can be
found HERE.

"Evidence One" is a selection of tracks from this series.
All the music on the album, and the series, was produced by
Lior Suliman
and Tal Weiss.

An introduction to some fascinating artists.