Karni Postel

Karni Postel is a critically acclaimed singer/musician. Her previous credits include being a part of cult duo "Bikini", extensive soundtrack/theatre/modern dance work and numerous collaborations.

"Sudden Birds", Karni's latest collaboration, with choreographer Yasmeen Godder, was released as a limited edition CD/Download. During their extensive world tour, she performed the music on stage, with the dancers.

2009 began with the digital-only release of "EP”. It features excerpts from the critically acclaimed “Sudden Birds” and new instrumental pieces.

Later that year came "Room". Unlike her previous works, the album did not feature any electronics - only live instruments. The tracks included new versions of Karni's hits plus several new songs.

Produced by Lior Suliman & Tal Weiss, the album is a part of the acclaimed "Rooms" album series - capturing the rehearsal room "feel". The albums don't feature any "studio pyrotechnics" - just "raw" produced sounds.

"Room" was released to rave reviews and was chosen as one of the best Israeli albums of the year. Singles from the album are "New Love" (chosen as "cover version of the year"), Karni's version of the cult classic "Sugar Man", "Bus No. 25", "Come Over" and "Surely We Have Known".

Karni's new single, "Winter Dub" (feat. Dub Mentor) was just released. It is a part of the acclaimed singles series "Allergy To Consciousness".

R e l e a s e s

Love etc.
Single, 2014
Dynamic Range
Compilation, 2013
Evidence One
Compilation, 2011
Winter Dub
Single, 2010
Sugar Man
Single, 2009
Album, 2009
Sudden Birds
Album, 2008