Artist: Tal Weiss
Album: Tal Weiss
Year: 2007

Dangerous Spell
Nothing As Blue
Just Sleep
Escape From Yourself
A Man Asleep
Tale From Black
How Should I
Fragments Of Heat
Moonstruck Song

Tal Weiss - Tal Weiss

Tal's 2nd album features 20 musicians - mostly jazz veterans and young classical music talents. It was released to phenomenal reactions and substantial radio success.

Produced by Lior Suliman together with Tal herself, the album was recorded using vintage equipment in a non-acoustic room (to preserve the "raw" feel). The songs were mixed by Yoram Vazan (Sonic Youth, Public Enemy, Laurie Anderson, Wu Tang Clan etc) and mastered using analogue equipment by the legendary Greg Calbi (Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Talking Heads - to name a few) at "Sterling Sound", NY.

The latest single taken from the album is Tal's version of Tunng's "Tale From Black".