Artist: Uri Brener
Album: A Walk
Year: 2007

11 O'clock
Prelude No. IV (from the 2nd book)
The Gust
Prelude No. III (from the 2nd book)
Comptine d'un Autre Été L'Après Midi
Perelandra's Tale
Bel m'es qu'ieu Chant/Cantaben els Osells

Uri Brener - A Walk

"A Walk", Uri's debut solo album, was released to rave reviews.

12 pieces played on a vintage piano surrounded with lots of vintage microphones - all recorded in an empty hall.

Produced by Lior Suliman & Tal Weiss, it features eight compositions by Uri (one of them based on troubadour songs from the 12th century) alongside compositions by Alexander Eisenstadt, Yann Tiersen and Tal Weiss.