Artist: Dub Mentor
EP/CD: Versions
Year: 2012

Johnny (feat. Anna Domino)
Want You More (feat. Jil Caplan)
Losing The Will To Survive (feat. Tal Weiss)
Twist In My Sobriety (feat. Lidwine)
Porque Te Vas (feat. Iris Aneas)
The Crying Game (feat. Jil Caplan)
Gush Forth, My Tears (feat. Hila Baggio)*
Motion Drawing (feat. Tal Weiss)*
Being Boiled (feat. Noa Vax)*
Trouble Comportemental (feat. edo.)*

Dub Mentor - Versions

The debut EP, features six cover versions and featuring Anna Domino, Jil Caplan, Tal Weiss, Lidwine and Iris Aneas.

The music was arranged and produced by Dub Mentor and co-produced by Lior Suliman and Tal Weiss. Guest musicians are Etay Maor (bass), Issar Tennenbaum (drums), Tal Weiss (glockenspiel, recorder), Noa Vax (percussion), Tal Arbel (viola da gamba) and Ido Manor (melodica).

Versions was engineered by Yoram Vazan (Public Enemy, Laurie Anderson, Wu Tang Clan etc) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Brian Eno and many more).

* The CD version includes 4 extra tracks.

Dub Mentor’s warm, peeled-down arrangements, comprised of loping drum loops, chocolatey bass and treated field recordings for texture, lend these tunes the intimacy of late-evening jazz. (Igloo Magazine)

Unspectacularity is his secret; whether electronic or man-made, each sound is separated from the next with precision, allowing resonant voices and instruments to focus our minds... Passion through restraint…
(Igloo Magazine)

Dub Mentor makes a bold 21st century musical statement with 'Versions'.
(Music Web Express 3000)

…conscious left-field dub-inflected pop music… imagine a fusion of folk vocalists with a hybrid production of Massive Attack and Bill Laswell… 
(Cyclic Defrost)