Zeev Tene

For 25 years, Zeev Tene's "sharp" lyrics and uncompromising live performances became "cult classics". He is frequently featured in the Israeli media and was already the subject of two documentary TV films.

Zeev has released nine albums so far. The latest one, "Room" (part of the "Rooms" album series), featured "tight" versions to 14 of his known classics. Songs from this album achieved substantial radio airplay and one of them, "Beirut", was featured on the acclaimed movie "Waltz With Bashir". The movie has won the Golden Globe award and the Cesar for "Best Foreign Film" and was also nominated for an Academy Award at the same category.

Tene has just released his debut book, "Short Memory" - a collection of his "snapshot" memoirs, told in his unique style. The book was edited by Lior Suliman.

R e l e a s e s

Dynamic Range
Compilation, 2013
Short Memory
Book, 2009
Album, 2007